Latina Style Inc

Behind the scenes

The LATINA Style 50 Report is a collaboration between corporations that aim to increase Latina representation. At the beginning of the year the LATINA Style team gathers to ensure the report includes the most significant questions that Latinas are asking regarding corporate America. After thorough research and feedback from partners and Latinas throughout the nation, the end result of the LATINA Style 50 survey was 25 questions, thus allowing Latinas an insight to the most recognized corporations in America.

For 18 years, the survey has been prepared to cover the various programs and benefits that corporations offer to Latinas. The survey highlights the highest -ranking Latina within the company to serve as a role model for the new generations. It also highlights the Hispanic resource groups since it reflects the company’s involvement with the Latino community. The survey inquires other questions that pertain to Latinas such as health benefits, mentoring programs, leadership training and fast track programs, to name a few.

The completion of the survey required several departments within the company to gather the most accurate information. Once the information is acquired by LATINA Style, the survey goes through a careful evaluation process that takes several months to complete. Companies are evaluated using a scoring system, researched information of the company and interpretation of the written responses of the survey. The evaluations are then shared and discussed amongst the LATINA Style panelist to compile a final ranking of all companies which submitted the survey. Finally, it is important to remark that the published chart only reflects a portion of what the evaluation inquires.

LATINA Style thanks all the companies who participated this year. The companies’ submissions helps the LATINA Style 50 Report provide the most accurate insight on the top companies for Latinas to work for. Congratulations to the 2015 LATINA Style 50 Best Companies for Latinas!

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