Latina Style Inc

2016 Special Report

By Reyna Sanchez

It was 19 years ago when Anna Maria Arias, founder of LATINA Style Magazine, was inspired to recognize Latinas across the country after she saw the gaps between opportunities. With the assistance of the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and national Hispanic organizations, the LATINA Style 50 Survey was created. The survey has evolved over the years to ensure more opportunities are taken into consideration for Latinas.

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This year more companies participated in the LATINA Style 50 report than before. This is due to the impact Latinas are making not only at the companies they work for but in the world. They are known for their hard work and loyalty, and companies are recognizing the value of it more than ever. With the ever-increasing Latina population, more opportunities are opening in the high-ranking positions. This is a result of Latinas who have supported and developed a pipeline for those starting a career.

LATINA Style is proud to recognize companies that support programs that encourage training, mentorship, and promote Latinas within the company. The LATINA Style 50 report is a reflection of those programs that Latinas are looking for when seeking job opportunities. Today, companies that have generated more opportunities for Latinas are listed in the LATINA Style top 50 best companies for Latinas to work for in the U.S.

One of the companies that demonstrate faithfulness to the Latino community is Marriott International, Inc. The company evolves with the mission to encourage the Latino workforce and open more opportunities for the community. This is why over the years Marriott International, Inc. has ranked as the top company for Latinas to work for. Today, LATINA Style honors Marriott International, Inc. as the 2016 LATINA Style company of the year. Congratulations!

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