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Behind the scenes

LATINA Style 50 Report
Behind the Scenes

The LATINA Style 50 survey is a team effort that begins with surveys submitted from corporate America. Each survey is reviewed to ensure more opportunities for Latinas are taking into consideration. The selection team ensures companies from across the nation receive the survey either on-line, email or mail.

From answering questions to providing more information regarding the survey, the relationship develops as we connect with each company representative participating. The final survey includes a portion where companies highlight their highest-ranking Latina in the company, the Hispanic affinity groups, recruitment efforts, supplier diversity information and much more. Due to the wide scope of questions, different departments within the company collaborate to obtain the most accurate information.

This process can take weeks to months. Companies submit a completed survey and is carefully reviewed by the LATINA Style 50 report panelists. Every answer is carefully reviewed and measured. Each company and its programs are also thoroughly examined. Companies are evaluated using a scoring system, research information of the company and interpretation of the written responses provided by each company in the survey. The final scores are then announced internally with each company. The final ranking is not based on the published chart, it is only a portion of the final review. The evaluation period takes around a month to make sure every answer is taken into consideration.

The LATINA Style 50 Report continues to be one of the most respected among the top companies for Latinas to work for in the U.S. The survey is one of its kind with the mission to recognize the work that corporate America is doing to advance and empower Latinas in the U.S. The LATINA Style team wants to thank all of the companies who participated in the 2016 LATINA Style Report. Every year your participation helps us provide the most accurate insight on the top companies for Latinas to work for.

Congratulations to the top 50 best companies for Latinas to work for!


Why Marriott International, Inc.?

The selection of the Company of the Year is a complicated task that requires a number of evaluation processes to produce a winner. This year’s winner is no stranger to the recognition. They had been previously selected in 2010. Marriott International, Inc. with 4500 hotels in 87 countries and territories has to perform a delicate balancing act in staying on message across the borders.

Putting people first, taking care of its associates so they can provide superior service to customers is at the center of the company’s philosophy. Providing associates with opportunities to grow and advance in the company is at the core of its values. This can be a difficult task, in different countries local customs and cultures play a significant role in how you do business, but Marriott International, Inc. has found a way to empower its women associates the same way they empower men. In many places this is a catalyst for change that makes the company an employer of choice as well as a best place to work.

We commend Marriott International, Inc. for its continued efforts to nurture Latina excellence among its ranks. In a changing demographic world we are sure that its policies are not only good for their associates but will also make a significant impact to their bottom line. This is a clear message, diversity is not only the right thing to do for cosmetic reasons, it is a business imperative. Every time we have measured the LATINA Style 50 against the stock market we have found that the 50 beat the market by a considerable margin. Coincidence? Maybe, but most likely not.

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