Latina Style Inc

2017 Special Report

Twenty Years in the Making.

By Robert E. Bard, Diana Martinez, and Yessenia Ramirez.

This year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of the LATINA Style 50 Report. A lot has changed in the past 20 years. Bill Clinton was President, Congress wanted to impeach him, population in the United States stood at 270,298,524, it was the Chinese Year of the Tiger, the Dow Jones industrial average ended the year at 7,539.07, unemployment was at 4.9 percent, median household income was $38,568.00, a gallon of gas cost $1.06. Google was formally incorporated and was registered as a domain name. “Too Close” by Next topped the music charts, “No Sé Olvidar” by Alejandro Fernández topped the Latin charts for a record eight weeks. Saving Private Ryan was the top movie money maker at $216,199,000. Denver defeated Atlanta in Super Bowl XXXIII, the Yankees crushed San Diego in the World Series and the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan ran over Utah. Remember any of it?

So much has changed since then, diversity and inclusion was just a nice discussion topic. Today’s population exceeds 323.1 million and demographic and market changes have brought the diversity and inclusion issue to the very front. The hiring, training and retaining of minorities, especially Latinas, has become a business imperative for corporations wanting to address this new reality.

Over the years, the survey has also evolved to ensure more opportunities for Latinas are taken into consideration. This survey is one of a kind. With the mission to recognize the work corporate America is doing to advance and empower Latinas, the survey not only reflects on opportunities given to Latinas but it is also a reflection on the culture of the company and their overall focus on diversity and inclusion.

Over the years, the LATINA Style 50 Report has highlighted thousands of companies from a variety of industries. We are proud to recognize companies that support programs encouraging training, mentorship, and promotion for Latinas. The LATINA Style 50 report is a navigator for Latinas as they seek advancement and career opportunities. Following is a listing of the companies we believe have generated the best opportunities for Latinas in the United States for 2017.

We are honored to recognize Prudential Financial, Inc. as our Company of the Year for 2017. They have participated in the survey since its launch and have developed a wonderful track record of empowering Latinas by providing them with great career opportunities. Congratulations Prudential Financial, Inc.!

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