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Latina Style 50 Report Behind the Scenes

Over 800 companies were surveyed to produce the LATINA Style 50 Report for 2017. The companies were evaluated on a variety of metrics such as employee statistics, recruitment, training, retention, employee benefits, advancement opportunities for women and additional factors such as leadership programs and Latina representation in senior positions.

Due to the wide scope of questions, different departments within the company collaborate to provide the most accurate and updated information. The process can take weeks to months depending on the company structure. After the completed survey is submitted it is carefully reviewed by the LATINA Style committee. Every answer is carefully reviewed and measured. Each company and its programs are also thoroughly examined. Companies are evaluated using a scoring system, researched information on the company, interpretation of the written responses provided in the survey and public information. All information is kept confidential by LATINA Style.

The LATINA Style team is in contact with the company representatives to ask additional questions and further compile research to confirm survey gatherings. The final survey includes questions on their highest-ranking Latina, Hispanic affinity groups, recruitment efforts, supplier diversity information, and much more. A number of confidential interviews are conducted with Latinas in the companies selected and a section on veterans is also included.

The final ranking is not based only on the published chart. The chart is only a portion of the final review. Each survey is carefully reviewed to ensure that all information and opportunities for Latinas is taken into consideration.

The LATINA Style team wants to thank all of the companies who participated in the 2017 LATINA Style Report. Every year your participation helps provide our community and our readers with the most accurate insight into the top companies for Latinas to work for. Participation in the survey provides companies an opportunity to monitor their progress from year to year, as well as benchmarking themselves against other leading companies in their industry. We thank you for your participation and entrusting us with your information.

Congratulations to the top 50 best companies for Latinas to work for!

Why Prudential Financial, Inc.?

With an unblemished record of participation since 1998 and always placing at the very top of the list, Prudential Financial, Inc. has distinguished itself since the very beginning as a company who nurtures its associates and paves their road for a successful career. That is one of the reasons why they have been recognized with practically every award that exists on diversity and inclusion. Sustaining through the years a top level of excellence is not possible without a full commitment from the very top. We thank Chairman & CEO John R. Strangfeld and the Prudential Financial, Inc.’s Board of Directors including Gilbert F. Casellas and George Paz for their vision, leadership and continued dedication to empower Latinas in the workplace. With one of the company’s core values being respect for each other, Prudential Financial, Inc. has found a way to empower their associates; women or men, despite diverse backgrounds, countries and nationalities. With 49,000 employees in 47 countries and territories, the company has to perform a delicate balancing act staying on message across the borders. Yanela Frias, Senior Vice President and Head of Investment & Pension Solutions, the highest-ranking Latina in the company and one of the leading Latinas in the financial industry, has spent 20 successful years with Prudential Financial, Inc., a clear example of how a Latina can succeed in this special company. Congratulations Prudential Financial Inc.!

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