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Employee Resource Group of the Year 2015

LATINA Style presents the
6th annual Employee Resource Group of the Year Award

LATINA Style is pleased to announce once more, the LATINA Style Employee Resource Group of the Year. Corporate commitment to the needs of its employees is critical for career success. This recognition is designed to showcase best practices in corporate America where employee resource groups are making impact in career outcomes and overall diversity accomplishments for their respective companies.

We are accepting nominations for Corporate Employee resource Groups for review and consideration.

The 2015 Employee Resource Group of the Year will be:

  • Featured in the 2015 November/December issue of LATINA Style Magazine
  • Recognition in a national press release
  • Award recognition at the 2015 LATINA Style 50 Diversity Leaders Conference on February 4, 2016. A Latina ERG representative must be present to receive the recognition.

Groups will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Corporate Leadership

How has your company’s leadership provided support to this effort? How is individual leadership potential measured or tied into the performance of the group and its outcomes? Does your company use the group as an internal resource of new ideas, information, human capital? Does your affinity group have the opportunity to interact with senior corporate management with ideas and feedback? What is that process?

Business Impact

How would you credit your group with identifying key issues and focusing on solutions within your corporation? How has the group contributed to the development of business solutions and opportunities for the company? Has the group been impactful in a measurable way with the company’s bottom line? What role does your group play in developing and supporting business strategy within your corporation? As companies expand globally or as they are downsizing with the effects of the economy, keeping core values intact can be a challenge. What role if any does your group play in keeping your company’s core values intact through either? And how has the group assisted all employees during the transition? How is your group involved with connecting your company to customers or clients?

Employee and Community Involvement

Do you find your group helps your company better serve a broader community, internally and externally? Specifically, how does your group give back to employees and the surrounding community? Does the group encourage your company to get involved in diversity issues?


– Name of Employee Resource Group

– Number of members in this Group and leadership structure of the ERG

– Total number of company employees

– Years in existence of the ERG

– Total budget for the ERG

– List of 2015 Employee Resource Group Accomplishments

– List of projected programs and services for 2016

Other Info

Please send your company logo in a high resolution format with your ERG nomination.  Your nomination will be considered incomplete if this logo is not included.  Your nomination can be in the format you best see fit including but not limited to PowerPoint or word narrative.  Feel free to include any other relevant info such as lists of awards and recognitions.  All info you send will become property of LATINA Style and cannot be returned.

DEADLINE is October 15, 2015.

Submission Information

Submit your Nomination electronically via email to [email protected] ATTN: Robert E. Bard. Please make your subject like be:

2015 ERG of the Year – (INSERT COMPANY NAME)

* First Name:

* Last Name:


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QuestionsFor inquiries regarding the 2015 Employee Resource Group of the Year Award please contact Robert E. Bard at [email protected] or call 214-357-2186.

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