Latina Style Inc

Latina Executive of the Year Group Award

The LATINA Style Executive of the Year Program has a mission of highlighting individual Latina achievement in the corporate arena. Each year LATINA Style Inc. recognizes the hard work and dedication Latinas are performing at the top of their respective companies and in various industries. The finalist below have been selected and recognized based on their excellence in business impact, corporate leadership, mentorship, and remarkable dedication to working with our communities both locally and nationally.

LEY 2016 Winners

  • Walmart: Vickie Chinchar
  • UTC: Marie A. Robert
  • Union Bank: Judy Guzman Krueger
  • AT&T: Rosie Kitson
  • IBM: Maria Batolome Winans
  • Leidos: Bettin: Garcia Welsh
  • Johnson & Johnson: Michelle Freyre
  • General Motors: Laura Hernandez Romine
  • Entergy: Patricia Riddlebarger
    Entergy: Patricia Riddlebarger
  • Aflac : Catherine Hernandez Blades
    Aflac: Catherine Hernandez Blades

For more information about our 2016 LEY Winners:

2016 LEY Report