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Congratulations AT&T INC.

2008 Company of the year

AT&T Inc. has demonstrated a remarkable and consistent strength in the area of diversity by recognizing the value and advantage of having a culturally diverse workforce.


Patricia Diaz Dennis Senior Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Patricia Diaz Dennis
Senior Vice President & Assistant General Counsel

Resource groups such as HACEMOS and the Hispanic Employee Association of AT&T offer professional development and mentoring by senior leadership. AT&T Inc. recognizes America’s changing demographics and invests in its youth by providing educational scholarships throughout the country. An annual National Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser, coordinating the National High Technology Day, which connects thousands of students from across the country encourages, motivates and inspires students to continue on to higher education.

Diverse recruitment efforts are proven by Latina representation throughout the company’s pipeline where Latina talent is nurtured and developed. LATINA Style applauds AT&T Inc. for identifying diversity as an asset and necessity for success in the marketplace.

As senior vice president and assistant general counsel, Patricia Diaz Dennis is responsible for AT&T Corporate Litigation, Procurement, Corporate Real Estate and Environmental and Corporate Compliance. She is a member of the California, Texas and District of Columbia bars and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition to thriving in the telecom realm, Diaz Dennis has also flourished in public service having the experience of three political appointments, most recently as Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. She has been recognized for her ongoing commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy and continues to be a leader not only within AT&T Inc. but also within her community.

The 2008 LATINA Style 50 Special Report

The LATINA Style 50 companies are exemplary of the norm we wish to establish. Diversity awareness is key in the progress of Latinas in the U.S. and these companies model the workplace of the future. Although this is a grandiose undertaking, they have set the mark high through the practices they employ on a daily basis. We applaud these companies who strive to deliver leaders that represent America to the core.

This year, the telecommunications giant, AT&T topped our charts. AT&T’s interest in diversity is manifested through its workforce, where their employees are able to thrive in a distinct and welcoming culture and are held to perform at their best. < Holding leadership accountable is critical to seeing Latinas in the corporate boardrooms. Although we have seen leaps in the last two decades, there is much more work to be done to reach the goal of corporate diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Breaking the proverbial glass ceiling through recruitment at every level, gaining competitive advantage in the global market and understanding customers as a whole are essential to any employer. LATINA Style also recognizes the most improved company for 2008, Morgan Stanley. New companies that made this year’s list by recruiting, retaining and developing Latina talent are Kaiser Permanente, Accenture and WellPoint, Inc.

By Alma Luisa Andrade and Gloria Romano

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