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Congratulations AT&T.

2013 Company of the year


Carmen Nava Senior Vice President-Customer Experience Carmen Nava
Senior Vice President-Customer Experience

AT&T has a legacy of innovation reaching back to the beginnings of telecommunications. By leveraging a diversified network, AT&T stays on the front line of telecommunication invention.

AT&T’s inclusive culture dates back more than a century. Throughout their history the telecom leader has welcomed individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. AT&T is an undisputed leader in emerging consumer devices and a leading telecommunications provider. Their inclusive culture is what makes AT&T a desired business partner. The company’s Hispanic/Latino employee resource group, HACEMOS, strives to advance Latinos by enhancing skills and building collaborative partnerships with the Latino community. With 5,000 members nationwide, HACEMOS provides scholarships to Latino college students, funding to technology education projects, student mentoring, and an annual National High Technology Day. The resource group’s efforts foster the growth of minorities in science, technology, engineering and math related jobs. AT&T’s outreach to young Latinos can be a promising effort to a greater representation of Latinas in the workforce. In 2012, 35 percent of new hires were women and approximately 17 percent of the new female hires were Latinas (this excludes Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam).

Presently, AT&T is working towards keeping the engagement of employees with resource groups. In the past year, resource groups have had a large increase in membership. The resource groups have been key to executing AT&T values and helping the community while developing employees professionally.

Carmen Nava, senior vice president of Customer Experience and highest ranking Latina at the company, chairs two employee resource groups, HACEMOS and League. She joined AT&T 28 years ago. Nava graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration.

The 2013 LATINA Style 50 Special Report

Beginning in the early 1990’s, the Latino population experienced a growth spurt in the United States, making it one of the fastest growing ethnicity groups in America. With that in mind, Anna Maria Arias, founder of LATINA Style Magazine, understood the need to highlight the role of Latinas in Corporate America. In 1997, LATINA Style Magazine published its first LATINA Style 50 Report. Her vision of providing a comprehensive report on the best businesses for Latinas to work for was groundbreaking enough for the Department of Labor and several national Hispanic organizations to stand behind the project.

Today, the LATINA Style 50 Report remains the number one source for Latina professionals to turn to when pursuing a job in the business world. Throughout the years (even the bad economic ones) the report has expanded. More and more companies are participating each year as the Latino population grows at an exponential rate. Additionally, companies are recognizing that Latina employees, in particular, are a valuable source to their business. This, of course, adds more responsibility to LATINA Style. With each trend that comes along in the business realm, or change in interest or concern among our Latina job seekers, we must make sure that our survey reflects what our Latinas are asking and looking for.

For the last two years, two areas that Latinas seem to have a keen interest in are the opportunities that exist for those returning from military duty and the benefits that await them upon retiring. Major concerns for the Latina college graduate are the training, mentoring and leadership opportunities that companies have to offer, especially in today’s competitive job market.

This year’s ranking echoes these points. The companies chosen as the “2013 50 Best Companies for Latinas to Work for in the United States” lead the way in providing retirement plans, programs to assist military personnel to readjust to the working field, training and leadership programs to place Latinas on a fast track to promotions and recognition, as well as Hispanic affinity groups to better understand the needs of its Latino employee population, particularly its Latinas.

There is, however, one company that most clearly displayed the aforementioned qualities. And so it is with great pride that we announce AT&T as the 2013 LATINA Style 50 Company of the year! Thank you for the outstanding effort and commitment you are demonstrating to empower Latinas nationwide!

Article written by Wanda Hernandez and Jennifer Polo-Sherk

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