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Congratulations Deloitte.

2011 Company of the year

Deloitte, the largest accounting and professional service firm in the world, believes that diversity initiatives will never have a


Maritza Gomez Montiel, Vice Chairman and Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Legislative Affairs, Quality & Risk Maritza Gomez Montiel,
Vice Chairman and Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Legislative Affairs, Quality & Risk

“finish line.” Instead, diversity remains as their “bottom line” for present goals and future successes. To honor this ideology, Deloitte created programs committed in attracting, retaining, and developing diverse individuals.

To help the advancement of Latinas, Deloitte has presented the Latina of the Year award with scholarships to deserving students. Three out of the four total recipients have accepted positions within the company. Deloitte has also been the exclusive sponsor of the Women of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting) program and partners with local chapters to host networking events.

In addition, Deloitte offers several leadership development and training programs. Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP) prepares high-performing minority managers and senior managers move to the next step of their career. Since its founding in 2005, more than half of the participants have been promoted to senior managers, partners, principals, or directors. Navigation to Excellence (N2E) provides mentoring to primarily women of color with a senior leader sponsor. This program provides insights that can ultimately help participants obtain a top position within the company.

Maritza Gomez Montiel has earned her place in one of those positions as the vice chairman and deputy chief executive officer – Legislative Affairs, Quality & Risk at Deloitte. Recently, she was the managing partner of the Leadership Development & Succession as well as managing partner for Deloitte University. Gomez Montiel currently serves as the advisory partner for several companies including Capital One. She earned an academic scholarship to the University of Miami and graduated with a BBA in accounting, and is also a certified public accountant.

The 2011 LATINA Style 50 Special Report

For the past 14 years, the LATINA Style 50 Report has acknowledged companies, whose mission of diversity and inclusion has been reflected in the way they recruit, promote, provide benefits, and create programs for the betterment of their employees. Though the majority of the programs offered are available to all employees, the companies selected have shown an exceptional effort in their recruitment and advancement of Latina professionals.

Since last year’s LATINA Style 50 Report, many job seekers are still having a tough time finding their next opportunity. Downsizing is still going on throughout the country. That is why this year we gave extra attention to the recruitment and retention practices of the companies evaluated. We also added a new category to our chart and a column that displays which companies have a dedicated program to recruit military personnel. As the returning servicemen and women try to re-assimilate into the civilian workforce, they are facing many obstacles, including unemployment. We need to make sure that their return home is as smooth as possible. This will be a central issue that we will be exploring during the National LATINA Symposium this coming September.

For those of you in the workforce it is essential that you take part in any training, mentoring, or leadership programs that are offered at your company. These courses and programs not only provide the necessary lessons that boost ones established skill set, but can often add valuable insight to new methods and perspectives. More importantly, they produce an environment where networking and creating name recognition can be successfully achieved. By taking advantage of these programs, new paths open which can lead to that much desired promotion. All of the companies in this year’s list have leadership development programs and the majority of them offer mentoring and fast track programs. So make use of them for your professional development.

College graduates face a harsh reality after college with their unemployment rate being double the national average. That is why it is important to apply to internships and acquire that valuable experience. All of the companies listed this year offer paid internships. For those students who are taking the postgraduate education route or plan to do so later in their career, the majority of the reported companies offer the opportunity of education reimbursement.

After much deliberation, we are proud to announce Deloitte as the 2011 Company of the Year.

Congratulations to all the LATINA Style 50 winners!

Article written by Deanna G. Zapanta

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