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Congratulations FANNIE MAE

2002 Company of the year

Many factors went into making Fannie Mae our company of the year for 2002. For starters, the company values women at all levels of management. They hold 38.5 percent of officer positions and 47.7 percent of director positions.


1Ann M:
Wheelock Sr. Vice President, Single Family Mortgage Business, Western Region

Those numbers reflect an impressive commitment. Add to that the fact that minorities make up over 42 percent of Fannie Mae’s workforce and hold 24.3 percent of the officer positions. What you get is a company that values diversity from top to bottom. There is an extensive career development program in place that includes diversity training, networking groups including a Hispanic employee association, special emphasis programs, job rotations, and a corporate mentorship. A 100 percent paid health coverage plan, full tuition reimbursement, childbirth/adoption leave, dependent care including eldercare, flexible work options, volunteer leave, and employer-assisted housing are some of the benefits available to Latina employees. The employeer-assisted housing program, a unique feature among the 50, provides forgivable loans to eligible employees to use toward the purchase of a home. The company forgives a portion of the five-year loan for each year of service the employee completes with the company. If the employee remains employed through the entire term, 100 percent of the loan is forgiven. Ranked 20th on the Fortune largest U.S. companies for revenue and 13th on the highest profits list, Fannie Mae is a shining example that diversity pays. That is why Fannie Mae has been selected as our 2002 top company for Latinas.

Prepared for Diana Rosado, Rachel Miranda and Marta Ortuzar.

Our fifth year’s LATINA Style 50 selection was the most difficult one we have faced since starting this program. We are at a time when confidence in corporate America is at an all-time low. The scrutiny CEO’s are facing is unprecedented, and too many of them are failing in their responsibilities to their employees and stockholders. To chose good companies under such an environment was quite a task. Some of the companies chosen are in the process of downsizing. We have listed them because we believe the economy will turn around. We believe that procedures will be put in place to protect employee investment in their companies, their retirement plan will be safer and their 401k protected. Our research indicates to us that the companies chosen provide the best environment for career development, professional growth and a benefits package that should make your experience a rewarding one. Our company of the year, Fannie Mae, is certainly one of those, and just in case, they have never gone through a downsizing episode. We are also awarding “honorable mention” to two companies who are undertaking significant steps to ensure the inclusion of Latinas and Hispanics among their executive ranks, Wyndham international and Sallie Mae. We believe that with the efforts they are undertaking they will be hard to keep off the list next year. For now, here are our LATINA Style 50 for 2002! Check them out, it may be that one of them is the perfect place for you.

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