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Congratulations McDonald’s Corporation

2006 Company of the year

The McDonald’s Corporation prides itself on a workforce as diverse as the billions of customers it serves worldwide every day.
While McDonald’s leads the way in developing new and innovative services to better serve its customers, it demonstrates that same commitment to recruiting and retaining diverse employees.


Gloria Santona Executive Vice President and General Counsel Gloria Santona
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

McDonald’s is an aggressive recruiter in the Latino community and has developed a campaign designed specifically to recruit Latinas. Once hired, McDonald’s supports each of its Latina employees through a myriad of programs. In a company-wide initiative to better meet the needs of its Latina employees, McDonald’s surveyed 125 of its highest-ranking Latinas to determine their issues of importance, and reconvened for a follow-up symposium with company leadership. McDonald’s is a true champion of the work-life balance, offering Latinas a highly competitive benefits package, as well as encouraging their participation in the innumerable philanthropic efforts they undertake.

Serving as corporate general counsel since 2001, Gloria Santona joined McDonald’s as an attorney 29 years ago. Her responsibilities include overseeing 133 lawyers worldwide, as well as enacting and monitoring all aspects of legal compliance and policy for the corporation. She also provides advice on matters of corporate governance to the Board of Directors.
LATINA Style proudly congratulates McDonald’s Corporation for its ongoing commitment to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Latinas.

The 50 Best Companies For Latinas to Work For in the U.S.

Change is afoot in the LATINA Style 50! Not since 1998, when we started to track how corporate America was responding to the growing number of Latinas in the workplace, have we seen such a drastic improvement in how companies are supporting their Latina employees.

Latinas continue to enter the professional field in growing numbers, and the competition for their talents is hotter than ever. A number of Latinas have joined corporate boards, including Aida Alvarez, who was elected to the board of directors of Wal-Mart. The rise to the top continues to be slower than we would like, but steady progress is being made – and the influence of Latinas at higher levels is being felt more and more.

Truth be told, companies are not making these changes for the sake of appearances. Rather, corporate America is finally realizing that diversity equals dividends. A diverse workforce translates into a significant competitive advantage in creativity, innovation, responsiveness to changing markets, and globalization. Companies with a diverse workforce are much better prepared to face these opportunities.

Our Company of the Year, McDonald’s Corporation, is a perfect example. From top to bottom, this icon of America’s corporate might has embraced diversity full force, providing Latinas, women, and minorities with great opportunities for advancement and career development. They have created an environment where talented Latinas at all levels – from franchisees to executives – can flourish. We congratulate McDonald’s and all the other members of this year’s list.

By Gabrielle Lake and Marta Ortúzar

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