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Behind the Scenes

The announcement of the 2014 LATINA Style 50 Survey back in February marked the beginning of a six-month course to amass a comprehensive report from which Latinas nationwide could learn about the various and best opportunities that exist in top corporate companies. The process entailed everything from drafting the 17-page survey to working closely with all the companies who participated to ensure that the data received was accurate.

This is now the 17th year of the LATINA Style 50 Report. There was no significant change to the process itself; like in previous years, hundreds of companies received the survey and were asked to turn it in by April. After receiving all the surveys, the LATINA Style 50 panel embarked on the evaluation phase which involved a very close read-through and analysis of the information provided by each company. Using a scoring system, researched information, and some interpretation of written responses, companies were evaluated and ranked by all members of the panel. What one sees in the published criteria chart is merely a fraction of the information that is analyzed from a company’s submitted survey.

There were, however, a couple of changes to the survey this year. LATINA Style wanted to hone in more closely on the diversity efforts companies were putting forth (by seeing the various diversity awards a company has received) and how active companies were in supporting Latinas, not only within their companies, but outside as well (by taking a look at partnerships and support for Latina and woman organizations). Furthermore, special attention was given to the areas of retention, salary, and number of Latina executives at the company.

LATINA Style is proud to say that this annual report continues to be the most respected evaluation of its kind. We are extremely thankful to all the companies who participated. Your involvement with this project is a clear demonstration of the importance your company places on the Latina employee. Congratulations to the 2014 LATINA Style 50 Best Companies for Latinas!

U.S headquarters of the LS 50 Companies 2014 MAP


Honorable Mentions

Since its release in 1997, the number of submissions for the LATINA Style 50 report has increased tremendously, making the selection process more competitive with each passing year. In recent years, LATINA Style is proud to recognize a few companies whose efforts towards diversity and Latinas are applauded. The following companies are the 2014 LATINA Style Honorable Mentions:

  • Freddie Mac
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • PG&E

We are proud to be a leading voice in encouraging companies to continue cultivating a work environment that benefits the Latina employee. We sincerely thank all companies who participated this year.

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