Latina Style Inc

The 2018 Latina Style 50 Special Report.

By Beana Ramirez and Robert Bard

As we celebrate the 21st anniversary of our LATINA Style 50 Report, I am reminded of the very first report in 1998. Securing information from corporations was extremely difficult at that time but with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, women and national Hispanic organizations, the LATINA Style 50 Survey was created.

Through the years the companies on the list have changed, the evaluation methods have evolved and the work environment has gone through many transformations. We have strived to keep up with all these changes and after 21 years our survey has evolved into a fine-tuned instrument that allows us to determine with great certainty the very best companies for Latinas to work for in our country. Now we also evaluate the creation and development of employee/business resource groups and their mission and differences according to industry. This survey is one of its kind. Its mission is to recognize the work that Corporate America and leading Hispanic professional organizations are performing to advance and empower Latinas in the workplace. The survey not only reflects on the opportunities being given to Latinas and women, but it is also a reflection of the culture of the company and their overall focus on diversity and inclusion.

Over the years the LATINA Style 50 Report has researched and rated thousands of companies from a variety of industries. We are proud to recognize companies that support programs that encourage recruiting, training, mentorship, sponsorship and promotion of Latinas in their careers. One of the key elements of the LATINA Style 50 report is a retention index. This is a significant indication of the internal culture of the corporation.

With the ever-increasing Hispanic population, more Latinas than ever are entering the workforce and opportunities created for Latinas will lead to continued economic growth for companies that embrace the Latino community. We must remember that the impact Latinas are making affects not only the companies they work for but their communities as well.

One of the companies that has demonstrated its faithfulness to the Latino community is Johnson & Johnson. The company embraces the mission to encourage the Latino workforce and open more opportunities for the Latina community. Johnson & Johnson has participated in the survey for a number of years and has steadily risen in their ranking. Today we are delighted to announce that they have reached the top of the list. Congratulations Johnson & Johnson on your success as the 2018 LATINA Style Company of the Year!

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