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LATINA Style 50 Report Behind the Scenes

The LATINA Style 50 survey is distributed to CEOs whose companies have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the United States. Companies are evaluated on a variety of metrics such as employee statistics, continuing education programs, recruitment and retention initiatives, employee benefits, advance opportunities for women among additional factors such as leadership programs and Latina and Latino representation on board of directors.

Due to the wide scope of questions, different departments within the company collaborate to obtain the most accurate information. The process can take weeks to months depending on the company structure. The company’s representative submits a completed survey that is carefully reviewed by the LATINA Style committee. Each company and its programs are also thoroughly examined and measured. Companies are evaluated using a scoring system that has been designed by Latina employees as to what are the most important factors for them in the evaluation of their workplace. Extensive public research information of the company and interpretation of the written responses provided by each company in the survey contribute to final evaluation.

The selection committee ensures to gather all of the survey data and then thoroughly evaluates the survey using a point system. The final survey includes a portion where companies highlight their highest-ranking Latina, the Hispanic affinity groups, recruitment efforts, supplier diversity information, and much more.

The final ranking is not based only on the published chart, it is only a portion of the final review. The evaluation period takes around a month to make sure every answer is taken into consideration. Each survey is reviewed to ensure more opportunities for Latinas are taken into consideration

The LATINA Style team wants to thank all of the companies who participated in the 2018 LATINA Style Report. Every year your participation helps provide us with the most accurate insight into the top companies for Latinas to work for. Participation in the survey provides companies an opportunity to monitor their progress from year to year, as well as, benchmark themselves against other leading companies. We thank you for your participation and entrusting us with highlighting your company. Congratulations to the top 50 best companies for Latinas to work for!

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