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By Reyna Sanchez.

Corporate Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a vital role within a company and this year, LATINA Style Inc. is proud to once again recognize ERGs that have made a significant impact in the workplace by creating opportunities for new and existing talent. The ERGs mission is to develop a connection between the company and the employees, helping to empower and retain Hispanic talent. Additionally, ERGs work together in an effort to give back to the community and develop relationships with the consumer. ERGs have also proven to be essential in production, marketing, recruitment and retention for businesses throughout the nation.

Since 2010, LATINA Style recognizes the ERGs that are formed through the common dimensions of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, generations, and so forth. The top 10 ERG finalists listed for 2015 are based on corporate leadership, mentorship, and community involvement. This recognition showcases ERGs that are making an impact in career outcomes and overall diversity accomplishments for respective companies.


ALLstate Insurance Company

Since 1989 PLAN has become a powerful ERG for Allstate enterprise. PLAN members are allowed the opportunity to leverage their cultural competency for business development, while growing and learning professionally. Members are encouraged to bring their whole self to the workplace and demonstrate pride in their culture. PLAN offers cultural relevant programs throughout the year. Professional development sessions target Hispanic cultural elements of the workplace. With 883 members across the U.S. serving Allstate offices in locations such as Northbrook (Chicago), IL, San Antonio, TX, Irving/Dallas, TX, Miami, FL. Orlando, FL, New York, New Jersey, California and Idaho, among many others. PLAN benefits its members through commerce, culture, career and community with 55 percent representing women members and 90 percent representing Latinos. The 18 PLAN field chapters are also instrumental in helping to impact the Latino community.


HACEMOS was officially formed in Texas in 1989 with the vision to create an internal organization that could address issues regarding the strengthening of their corporation, their Hispanic employee base and respective communities. HACEMOS enriches the lives of 9,500 members through networking, mentoring, and professional development. HACEMOS means “we do” to best describe what the group is about. HACEMOS contributes to AT&T by serving as a corporate resource with 39 chapters across the U.S. Members contributed 31,605 volunteer hours in 2014, valued at $712,692. President Barack Obama recognized 731 HACEMOS members with the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award, this is the highest honor for volunteers in their contribution to their community. Since 1999, HACEMOS has awarded over $3 million in scholarships. In 2014, the group awarded $185,000; in 2015 they awarded $195,500, and this money was raised mostly by the work of individual members across the 39 chapters.


Founded in 2005, HOLA is committed to making Bank of America the best place for Hispanic/Latino employees to work and grow professionally by inspiring and fostering an inclusive environment for all employees in support of the bank’s purpose and strategy. HOLA enables professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities. HOLA members participate and strengthen the bank’s recruiting strategy for the Hispanic/Latino demographic. The ERG also contributes to the bank’s products and service strategy for the Hispanic/Latino market. With 9,000 members nationwide across 30 local chapters, HOLA supports employees throughout the U.S. while engaging senior leadership and sponsorship across the bank. Career development, coaching, and networking opportunities in HOLA equate to continued growth. HOLA and the Hispanic Latino Leadership Council launched the “Tell My Story” Series to foster additional members across the country. HOLA engages members in activities to support the community donating more than 20,000 service hours.


Hispanic Network is one of Capital One’s seven employee resource groups that encourage the company and their employee to get involved in diversity issues. With approximately 2,200 members and 13 chapters across the U.S., Hispanic Network reflects their workforce, their community and the customers they serve. The 13 Hispanic Network chapters support their communities. During 2015, five college students received a $5,000 scholarship. This scholarship program will expand two ways in 2016: more students will be selected, and other ERGs at Capital One will begin similar scholarship programs. Hispanic Network not only awarded students with the scholarship but also paired each finalist (15 in total) with a Capital One mentor to support them during their college career, opening the opportunity for some to become interns and eventually Capital One employees.


With 1,956 members and eight chapters nationwide, Unidos drives the company’s engagement with the broader community internally and externally through partnerships with the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and through its involvement with company initiatives such as Internet Essentials. Unidos members also participate in Comcast Cares Day and 62 Telemundo community events, in addition to an annual Unidos Youth Summit to broaden the exposure of inner city high school students. The customer’s experience with media and technology is Comcast NBCUniversal. Unidos has made significant contributions to how Comcast NBCUniversal develops and provides products and services to Hispanic and Spanish speaking customers. Unidos members were internal in testing the Spanish language version of the X1 Voice Control Remote, which populated the database of available Spanish commands to make the viewer’s experience easier.


General Motors’ Hispanic Initiative Team (GM HIT) is celebrating 15 years reaching the community and connecting with schools. With 765 members and 57 percent growth during 2014, GM HIT’s mission is to attract, develop and retain Hispanic employees to grow relationships in the Hispanic community. GM leverages HIT members in several recruiting activities. One of the primary activities of GM HIT is to focus on the pipeline of talent and STEM education. This provides GM HIT members an opportunity to support elementary, middle school, high school, college students and new employees. Earlier this year, the GM Foundation announced a grant of $1 million to Hispanic groups. Grace Lieblein, vice president for Global Quality at General Motors and longtime HIT member, announced the grant during a press conference at the National Press Club, “Hispanics represent an important facet of our business as the next generation for leaders and innovators, and also our customers.”


Established in 2001, the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA) has approximately 1,000 members. HOLA’s mission is to facilitate new and emerging opportunities for Johnson & Johnson members and the communities by embracing the Hispanic culture. Driving business results through initiatives connected to diverse and underserved communities, HOLA creates inclusive and synergistic work environments. HOLA supports more than 100 community outreach activities every year, benefiting over 3,000 people per year. HOLA implements and supports programs that contribute to the eradication of health care disparities, promoting health and wellness in Hispanic communities while creating opportunities for business growth. HOLA members have the opportunity for leadership development, networking and exposure to senior leaders across all functional areas and business units of Johnson & Johnson. Members leverage and enhance their leadership skills by envisioning and overseeing activities that involve recruiting new members, influencing business partners to participate/support, and maximizing the impact/benefit on the business and community.


Founded in 1997, Adelante has served as a key partner in PepsiCo’s ability to learn from, listen to and provide to the Hispanic marketplace. PepsiCo has a history of delivering strong performance with the goal to deliver top-tier financial performance while creating sustainable growth and shareholder value. Diversity has always been at the heart of what Adelante does. With more than 2,500 members in North America, Adelante has a rich legacy of being a leader in creating diverse and inclusive corporate culture, breaking barriers in corporate America for minorities. Adelante leverages an external network to address national and local initiatives in a truly thoughtful approach. Adelante operates in more than 45 locations, led by executive sponsor from each PepsiCo headquarter location who, along with a council of mid-level managers, guide the strategic imperatives of the ERG. The strategic focus areas of Adelante are business, talent and community. This model helps groom leadership succession while providing continuity in key national initiatives and flexibility in local efforts.


Walmart’s Hispanic/Latino Associate Resource Group (HLARG) has more than 700 members that benefit from numerous opportunities including developing and strengthening their leadership skills. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, HLARG’s mission is to strengthen the Hispanic talent to lead diversity and inclusion efforts that impact business, develop associates, and build communities. Programs like Gateway Leadership is designed to prepare and support Hispanic and Latino talent at all levels, with the effort to transform Walmart in becoming the best place to work for the fast growing Hispanic and Latino communities in America. HLARG serves the community with programs like Mi Futuro Youth Mentoring and 8th grade youth mentoring program by Walmart, and Sam’s Club management associates, with the goal of planting the seed that hard work and education can provide a better future. Its mission is to motivate 8th graders to begin planning for future accomplishments. HLARG’s priority is to help Walmart source, acquire and retain Hispanic talent.


Since 2009, Wells Fargo’s Latin Connection mission is to develop diverse and inclusive leaders and assist business development, which is accomplished through team member development activities, collaboration with business partners to share insights and grow market share, and community outreach. Wells Fargo’s Latin Connection team members’ network promotes awareness and understanding of the Hispanic marketplace within and across segments. Latin Connection provides professional and career development, mentoring, leadership and community outreach opportunities. Latin Connection incorporates cultural education into activities across the country. Today, Latin Connection counts with 43 chapters nationwide and 8,300 members. Focus on building the future for Hispanic leaders of the company, Latin Connection offers professional development, leadership opportunities and seminars inviting speakers to inspire broader knowledge and thinking. Mentorship programs also help Latin Connections’ emerging leaders grow in confidence and ability providing a safe, supportive community.

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