Nomination Criteria

Since 2009, LATINA Style is pleased to invite your corporation to nominate a Latina for the much coveted “Corporate Latina Executive of the Year” recognition. We are accepting nominations for Latinas from every leadership level (Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, and Managers). This award is designed to highlight individual Latina achievements in corporate America.


  • A Latina in the leadership level (Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, and Managers, etc.)
  • Nominees will be evaluated based on their excellence in the following areas: Leadership, Community Involvement, and Business Impact.


How has this executive demonstrated excellence in leadership?

How has she made her team and those she leads better?

Does she have additional leadership roles in any affinity groups or other company programs?

How has this executive contributed to the development of her company?

What impact has she made on her company’s bottom line?

How does this executive give back to her community?

Does she encourage her company to get involved in her community?

How to Submit a Nomination
  • Fill out the LEY Nomination Form found here   LEY NOMINATION FORM
  • Submit your Nomination electronically via email to [email protected]
  • Please send bio and high-resolution image photo (300 dpi), JPEG format with every nomination
  • Please make your subject line, “LEY of the Year- (Latina Executive Name & Company Name)”

The Latina Executive of the Year will receive:

  • Feature in the November/December issue of LATINA Style Magazine.
  • Recognition in a national press release.
  • Award recognition at the LATINA Style 50 Awards & Diversity Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Online coverage of your award via our DigiMag and on the LATINA Style website, www.latinastyle.com
  • Coverage of your award in the March/April issue of LATINA Style featuring the LATINA Style 50 Awards & Diversity Leaders Conference including our DigiMag on the LATINA Style website, www.latinastyle.com