The LATINA Style 50 report has become the most prestigious analysis of corporate America’s efforts to promote diversity and provide career advancement opportunities for Hispanic women, focusing on America’s diversity initiatives and commitment to advancing the careers of professional Hispanic women. Recognizing the need to shed light on the issue, Anna Maria Arias, Founder of LATINA Style Magazine, embarked on a journey to delve deeper into the business world and bring forth powerful and useful information on the growing importance of hiring professional Latinas. A comprehensive survey was developed and distributed to Fortune 1000 companies with the assistance of the US Department of Labor, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and national Hispanic organizations. The reports highlight each company’s leadership programs, employee benefits, and other initiatives.

Each company’s leadership programs, employee benefits, and Latina representation in senior positions are highlighted in the reports. Over 800 companies are 
In August 2021, the 24th consecutive LATINA Style 50 Report was released.


To highlight, promote and bring recognition to the professional Latinas in corporate America and to provide a valuable reference tool for Latinas.

Step 1: Company Data and Additional Material Review

I-Survey data is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and completion

A. Companies are contacted if further or missing information is needed.

B. Questionable or inconsistent information is researched further by LATINA Style staff and company representative.

C. Supplemental and Additional information is sorted and classified

II. All data is recorded and an analysis of the information is performed.

A. Each category on the survey is evaluated separately, and then entirely – Employee Statistics, Employee Benefits, Recruitment and Procurement, Career Advancement Opportunities, Diversity Initiatives/Strategies, Additional Programs, and Policies.

B. Individual company data is compared to previous year performance and to other similar companies – Industry, Company Characteristics, Employee Programs, and Policies.

C. Analysis of data is thoroughly discussed and factored into overall company performance.

D. Each company’s Hispanic Community Involvement and Philanthropy efforts are also considered.

Step 2: Evaluation of Selection Criterion and Qualifying Candidates

I.  Each company survey is reviewed again and statistical information pertaining to Hispanic Women is deciphered.

A.  General data is cataloged into specific areas and evaluated to obtain a conclusiveassessment of the company – Latina Employees, Latina Board Members, Latina Senior Executives, Latina Vice Presidents, Top Latina Wage Earners, etc.

B. Further assessment of career advancement opportunities are performed for specific programs – Mentoring Programs, Women’s Task Force, Fast Track Programs, Leadership Training Programs.

C.  Employee Benefits/Incentives and Recruitment Policies pertaining to Hispanic women are further evaluated – Health Coverage above 75%, Profit Sharing, Alternative Work Schedule, Recruitment efforts, etc.

II. Each company is then provided a numerical ranking based on the calculated points merited for the evaluation criterion.

A.  Each company’s ranking is determined by a formulated point scale, minimum 0 and maximum 15, for the evaluation criterion.

B.  The individual points associated with the criterion vary based by the importance and necessity of each criteria for employee productivity and performance; the higher the importance, the greater the number of points allocated.

III.  Company surveys are then reviewed for final deliberation of all categories, evaluation criterion, efforts and initiatives, and classification.

Step 3: Final compilation of Selected Candidates

I. Final evaluation and deliberation of selected companies are then conducted for each company survey and additional materials.

II. Additional independent research by the LATINA Style staff is conducted, utilizing sources such as the Internet, national business journals, national newspapers, etc.

III. Compiled final list of the selected companies are then reviewed by an external committee for approval – Senior Officials from the U.S. Department of Labor and from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

IV. Once approved by the external committee and LATINA Style staff, the list becomes official.

Step 4: Selection of the Company of the year

Company of the Year is selected based on the overall performance, highest calculated points, and exceptional career opportunities presented to Hispanic Women in the company.